1YR Impressions

- ian singer
Amazing how time flies.
I, like many others, am a Tampa transplant.
I searched for 3+ months before settling on housing.
We made our decison on Westly Shores after visiting MANY properties.
The rent is very fair for the location, gated community, pool, gym, and upkeep are all above average.
You really do get a great bang for your buck.

Lets adress some key points for our lazy readers:
* Close to all major highways and airports
* Noise from tenenants is non existant.
*These are working class people and families.
*No criminal activity.
*No evidence of drug use.
*Airport is close, but noise is a non issue. Planes do not fly late or early.
*Staff is very friendly (Hailey is a rockstar)
* Ample parking
*Repairs are fixed in a timely manner.

Amazing bang for your buck.

Want to hear more?
Set up an appointment for Hailey.

*I am not affiliated or compensated for this review. I just want neighbors that are responsible working class families and generally good people. That's what benefits me.